Must see in Prespes

When it comes to Prespes, it sees a unique natural beauty.  A wonderful aquatic nature world that conceals an inexpressible treasure of flora and fauna, islands, villages hidden in the lush vegetation, emit tremendous tranquility that only nature can so blessed to be a gift. This huge body of water consists of Little and Big Prespa.

The National Park of Prespes lakes: wet meadows and centuries-old cedars

The core of the National Park extends across Mikri Prespa and in a few areas around the lakes and gives it the identity of a unique wetland designated in 1973 by the Ramsar Convention “International Protected Wetland”.


The Prespa monks orchards

From Psarades, the small village literally in Megali Prespa, one starts with the boat for a trip. The natural beauty, as well as the isolation of the area due to its geographic location, attracted many monks during the Ottoman domination, who built their fortifications along the Megali Prespa beach. Thus, today, one can admire small monastic gatherings, as well as rock paintings of the 14th-16th century, perched on the rocks of Megali Prespa beach in Greece and Albania.

μνημία πρεσπες

Agios Achillios an attraction on the island

Millions of “clicks” of cameras and videos have been heard on this island of Macedonia. It’s not just the landscape. Thousands of memories and monuments, along with myths and legends, make up the Prespa island. A thousand years ago, the Bulgarian tsar Samuel placed the center of his kingdom here. From Larissa he brought the relic of the local Agios Achillios and placed it in a magnificent church. It is almost ruined and is the most prestigious Prespa monument.


Psarades of Megali Prespa
The road ends in Psarades, which has been declared a traditional settlement. Built on a natural fjord of the Great Lagoon, they reminisce of an island settlement of the Aegean Sea.

psarades prespes

Agios Germanos and the 11th-century church

The largest village of Prespa, Saint Germain or German, nestles beneath the sturdy volume of Varnousa and is a trademark of Prespa. There you will find two churches glued together. The very small is of the 11th century and has invaluable value. The big one is tied tightly with her to get all this untold energy.

μνημία πρεσπες